Property Management

The J.H.W. Enterprises Property Management platform combines our experience and expertise in managing properties with the deep local knowledge that is vital to the success of every apartment community. We manage multi-family and single-family assets and do so for many different owners, including high net worth individuals, private equity and financial institutions.‚Äč

Our engagement to add value and maximize the potential of each property begins with an in-depth and comprehensive review of past performance and practices. We then work with the investor to develop a carefully crafted strategic plan for future operational improvement and maximum efficiencies. This often includes the redevelopment of identity and branding, a change or overhaul of prior management practices, talent education and a total commitment to revenue and expense management.

Through our robust services infrastructure, we then follow through with the plan and implement a high disciplined and process driven approach to create consistent and professional operations at each and every property. JHW Enterprises, Property Management brings the structure, professionalism and integrity used in the finest class A assets we manage. This distinguishes our properties from their competition and enables them to outperform.

Financial Analytics

As a dedication to our clients, we vow to ensure that we are looking out for you! We provide a monthly breakdown of your property's overall pro forma, reflecting both qualitative and quantitative details.

Our reporting structure gives the investor a clear picture of the overall performance. Transparency is one of our core values, and we make it priority to ensure that you have a full view of the successes and challenges that your asset may be facing.

Capital Improvements

As part of the J.H.W. Enterprises management platform, we offer full rehab services, consulting and due diligence. Most of our acquisitions have required significant rehab and renovation to both interiors and exteriors. Our team has crafted plans and implemented those rehab and renovation plans from start to finish. J.H.W. understands what customers want and what they will pay for it. This is the key to our success and catalyst for maximizing every dollar spent.


"J.H.W. is almost too good to be true. Jaymes contacted me immediately, provided references, and within a day we were having coffee. I have never met anyone who could match his professionalism and initiative. I look forward to long our and prosperous relationship." - Justice Properties, LLC

"My experience with J.H.W. has been a tremendously positive experience. It's very clear to me that J.H.W. will go out of their way to accomodate their clients. I highly recommend them as a partner and property manager." -Moses

"An absolute blessing! With running my businesses (Construction & Real Estate investing) I've got 99 problems, but property management isn't one of them. I haven't had a property manager more competent and equipped to handle my management needs as well as J.H.W. In one word, Jaymes & J.H.W. is a "savage". Professional, intelligent, well-spoken and passionate about what they do." -Kingwood Capital